What is Wagyu Beef?

We specifically use Akaushi and Kryoshi which is a breed of Japanese cattle. Akaushi (Japanese Red Cattle) and Kryoshi (Black) Wagyu originated and evolved in Kumamoto, Japan. Read more about The American Wagyu Story. 

What health benefits can be obtained from eating American Wagyu Beef?

    • Heart-healthier dietary fat is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.
    • Higher in omega monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA).
    • Helps lower “bad” LDL cholesterol.
    • Helps increase “good” HDL cholesterol.
    • May reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

Read more about Healthy Wagyu Benefits.

Is Ozark Valley Beef Co. American Wagyu hormone-free?

Ozark Valley Beef Co. American Wagyu does not contain any added hormones or other growth promotants of any kind.

Is your beef grass fed?

No, not exactly. According to the USDA, “Grass (Forage) Fed” means that grass and forage shall be the feed source consumed for the lifetime. Our cattle are pasture-raised meaning they are “Grass Fed,” however, they are grain finished meaning they are not completely grass fed throughout their lifetime.

Are your animals full-blooded wagyu?

No, the cattle are at least 50% wagyu to full blood. We concentrate more on grading with the goal of prime and highest marbling scores. This will ultmately lead the customer to receive the highest quality meat with added health benefits.

Take a look at our images on our products to see the difference from regular beef in the marbling. Go to our shop to see the images.

What does it cost to ship?

For orders under $200, shipping costs $39.95 for the box/cooler, that holds up to 20 pounds of beef and dry ice. If the order is over $200 pounds, shipping is $25.00 per box. Each cooler can hold 20lbs of beef. Orders over 20lbs, will require additional boxes/coolers and for each additional box, $25 is charged. 

For example, if a customer orders 38 pounds of beef, this will consist of 2 boxes/coolers at $25 per box plus tax. For customers in California and Arizona, we require shipments to be air mailed using UPS 3-day Select to ensure your order arrives fresh. The cost for shipping to these two states is $69.95 for the first and subsequent boxes/cooler, regardless of order total.

For more information on shipping, visit our shipping information page.

See our meat!

After all these questions, don’t you want to see the meat? Go see the difference in our meat now and see for yourself why Ozark Valley Beef Co. provides some of the best beef in the country!

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