The American Wagyu Story

Ozark Valley Beef Wagyu – A Breed Apart

For centuries, Wagyu (Japanese cow) and the famous Kobe breeds have been tightly controlled, keeping prices sky-high for imported wagyu that’s meant only for the super-rich.  Japanese Wagyu is incredibly expensive (how does over $325 for a single Kobe strip steak strike you?).  It’s amazing stuff, but frankly, it’s different than the beef eating experience Americans know and love.  The intense marbling of Japanese Wagyu can mean there is literally more fat than meat, and although it’s a healthier fat, some people simply may not prefer it, instead favoring the meaty but tender bite of American breeds they’ve enjoyed for generations.  Japanese Wagyu is just too costly for most folks to even consider trying it, and the idea of putting even the lesser cuts of Japanese Wagyu on your regular family menu is simply cost prohibitive.

Today, the expertise of the American cattle rancher has masterfully blended the purebred Japanese Wagyu with traditional American cattle breeds to produce what’s proven to be a superior product for the typical American’s budget and palette.  The wonderfully marbled, healthier richness from the Wagyu breed combined with the full and meaty beef flavor Americans love – that’s American Wagyu.  At Ozark Valley Beef company, we raise our American Wagyu cattle to be a breed apart from the rest and give you a more affordable and enjoyable beef eating experience.  We call it Ozark Wagyu, and we’re sure you’ll find it’s among the very best of the American Wagyu product on the market.


The Very Best Beef is More Affordable.

At Ozark Valley Beef Company, the very best beef is more affordable.  We’ve gotten so efficient at breeding and raising our top-quality Ozark Wagyu that we can bring it to your table at a far more affordable price.  Our steaks and premium cuts are almost a third of the cost you might expect to pay for Japanese Kobe, but with an incredible buttery tenderness and amazing beef flavor Americans will find superior to any other steak you’ve ever eaten.  The everyday cuts of Ozark Wagyu beef like chuck roasts, stew meat and ground beef, have all the wonderful flavor and healthier benefits of Wagyu, but at price points so affordable you can make it a part of your regular home-cooked menu.  Try it.  You’ll absolutely love it.  And you’ll want to stock up on Ozark Wagyu.


They’ll Remember the Wagyu.

The very best buttery-beef flavor, amazing cut-with-a-fork tenderness and far more affordable – that’s our Ozark Wagyu.  One taste and you, your family and friends will be hooked.  They’ll remember the Wagyu, that’s for sure, and they’ll remember you’re the one who served it to them.  Select our steaks and prime cuts for that something special event, and choose our everyday Ozark Wagyu cuts to make those ordinary dishes extraordinary.  Get some today and serve it much more often as a regular part of your healthier more flavorful beef menu.
    Ozark Valley Beef Company Cattle

    Our Wagyu for You.

    We choose the Akaushi (Red Wagyu)  and Kryoshi (Black) Wagyu breeds for several reasons.  First, Ozark Valley Beef Company believes it’s the best you can get.  They’re highly prized for their abundant marbling with heart healthy monounsaturated fats that make them the healthiest beef choice on the market.  They produce absolutely wonderful beef flavor and a buttery tenderness you have to experience to truly appreciate.  Another very important reason we choose to breed Akaushi and Kryoshi is because their phenotypes are a better match with the Western cattle breeds Americans enjoy, making it a more suitable choice for crossbreeding with the popular U.S breeds.  The end result is a far more flavorful, buttery tender product with the full, beefy taste that Americans can’t get enough of.  We know it’s the ideal choice for the American palette, and once you taste our Ozark Wagyu, you’ll make it At Home On Your Table.