Our Family Farm

Ozark Valley Beef Company is proudly located in the heart of the Midwest on land that’s been a part of the Harris family farm for three generations. Nothing is more important to us than being good stewards of the land and raising healthy stock, so we let the cattle roam free range on our ranch with pasture rotations that assure the land can continuously restore itself naturally and thrive. Our stock graze on quality pasture and drink only from our purified water stations to avoid waterborne contaminants that can taint flavor and negatively impact their overall health. We provide the ideal natural environment for our cattle every step of the way to reduce their stress and maximize their proper nutritional intake, all to produce the finest, healthiest Wagyu cattle available on the market. In short, we help nature do its job, because nature does it best.


Ozark Valley Beef Company is fiercely dedicated to using responsible breeding and raising practices. Our unmatched breeding and genetic selection expertise follow rigorous and environmentally friendly protocols to always produce the highest quality Wagyu beef possible. Our attention to responsible management of the genetic disposition inherent in the Wagyu breed ensure our beef contains a higher percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than typical beef such as Angus and other breeds – that means in addition to superior flavor and tenderness, our Wagyu is a healthier choice to put on your family’s table. We’re proud of that.