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Denver Steak

Get More with Wagyu from Ozark Valley Beef Company.

    • MORE FLAVORFUL. The wonders of the F2 breed come from being combined with the best American cattle breeds means. So you get amazing tenderness and incredible beef flavor that’s so delicious you’ll savor every mouthwatering bite.
    • MORE HEALTHY. Don’t let the abundant marbling fool you. The high concentration of monounsaturated to saturated fat makes Wagyu a heart healthy alternative with a cholesterol content that’s the lowest among cattle breeds. There are no hormones used in our Ozark Wagyu – ever.  Simply put, Wagyu is the healthiest beef on the market.
    • MORE AFFORDABLE. Thanks to the practical efficiency and responsible practices of the American beef cattle farmer, Wagyu is becoming more affordable than ever before. Now more and more folks can enjoy the experience of Ozark Wagyu’s unmatched flavor and juicy tenderness, and it’s a healthier alternative what you find in the grocery store.


Wagyu for You.

Whether you wear boots or wingtips, flannel or silk, jeans or a suit, we raise Wagyu for You.  We like to say it’s down home sophisticated, because wherever you live, whatever your lifestyle, Wagyu from Ozark Valley Beef Company is at home on your table.  Unbeatable flavor, buttery tenderness, a healthier beef choice, and now more affordable than ever, we raise our cattle for you and your family to enjoy.

Everyday Wagyu
It’s at Home on Your Table.

Every cut we package is special, with the tender, buttery texture and real beef flavor that makes ordinary dishes extraordinary.  And you can enjoy it with less guilt because Wagyu is a much more healthy choice than typical beef.  With so many affordable options like ground beef, roasts and short ribs to choose from, now it’s easier than ever to include Wagyu regularly on your home-cooked menu.  Try it in your favorite spaghetti recipe, or for sloppy joes, roasts for great dinners and fabulous sandwich meat and more.  That’s Everyday Wagyu – It’s at Home on Your Table.